Russian as a foreign language
Our concept is a harmonious combination of teaching the language as a system and developing speaking skills. Our study materials look modern and stylish. Our task is for you to enjoy the learning process, be inspired and achieve your goals.
Student's book "Russian Souvenir 2"
This book is the continuation of "Russian Souvenir 1" and will bring the students to the A2 (pre-intermediate) level.
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Our method
Mozi House textbooks are written with six key ideas in mind.

1. The communicative approach
2. Visual aids
3. Accessibility
4. Clarity
5. The four core language skills
6. Accounting for the native language of students

Our main objective was to create textbooks which help to learn phrases that native speakers use in everyday speech. We've selected phrases and dialogues that have the maximum practical benefit. Our textbooks teach you to express joy, surprise, skepticism, discontent and much more. The textbooks also offer idioms and proverbs that help to better understand native speakers, as well as the Russian mentality.

We hope that the design of our books will serve not only as a visual means to clarity in the classroom, but will also bring aesthetic pleasure to anyone who interacts with them.

Four Language Skills
The exercises have been selected to ensure a harmonious development of all types of language skills.
Our books contain exercises that get students speaking: role plays, board games and tasks in which they are required to tell or discuss something. These types of exercises help students to develop their speech.
All our books have downloadable audio recordings that are made by native speakers. Exercises with audio tracks help students to improve their listening skills and their pronunciation too.
We try to create interesting texts that match perfectly with the language level of our students, and we also introduce aspects of Russian culture via those texts.
Writing tasks are predominantly in the workbooks because we strongly believe that lesson time should be spent in the most productive way—speaking as much Russian as possible!
Our books are inspiring
More useful materials
We are very happy to offer you extra materials that have been made by our dear friends and colleagues. They can be used to support your Russian classes.
Wonderful Doctor.
Graded reading of the Russian classic literature. Level: А1—А2
Authors:Yana Korolkova, Tatyana Lei

850 rub.
Cards "Russian Verbs А2"
  • Size: A6
  • Quantity: 97 cards
  • Publisher: Poohotech

410 rub.
The Queen of Spades.
Graded reading of the Russian classic literature
Level: А1—А2
Author: Olesya Baltak

850 rub.
Saint Petersburg from
А to Я.
Graded reading.
Level: А1—А2
Author: Olesya Baltak

850 rub.
Illustrated Russian Grammar
Level: А1
Author: Goutta Snetkov

950 rub.
Cards "Russian Alphabet"
  • Size: A6
  • Quantity: 33 cards
  • Publisher: Poohotech

350 rub.
Cards "Russian Verbs А1"
  • Size: A6
  • Quantity: 87cards
  • Publisher: Poohotech

410 rub.
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