Irina Kataeva

Author of course books on the Russian language for foreigners

Irina Kataeva (2011-2022 known by the surname Mozelova) is the author of Russian Souvenir, New Souvenir and Surprise textbooks on Russian as a foreign language, founder of the Mozi House project, teacher of Russian as a foreign language.

Irina was born on March 19, 1988 in Moscow, in her childhood and youth she went in for biathlon, graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, after which she entered the Moscow Institute of Linguistics, where she retrained as an English teacher, while simultaneously studying at courses for teachers of the Russian language as a foreign language. Since 2012, Irina has been teaching Russian as a foreign language at Denis' School in Moscow.

In 2016, the first book "Russian Souvenir 1" was published by the publishing house "Russian Language. Courses", a year later "Russian Souvenir 2" was published. In 2018, Irina begins the path of self-publishing. In subsequent years, "New Souvenir 3", "Surprise" and "New Souvenir 4" are released.
In 2019, the Mozi House project was created, which was originally conceived as an online store of Russian language books.

In 2020, Irina entered post graduate school at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia at the Faculty of Philology, specializing in Russian language and methods of teaching it. Since 2023, she has become a teacher and methodologist at St. Petersburg University (language testing center) and was sent to Tanzania to open a centre of the Russian language and teaching there.

Current projects and plans
At the moment, Irina is working on the Spanish version of Surprise, preparing the textbook New Souvenir 2 for publication (due in 2024), doing her PhD studies, teaching Russian in Tanzania in Dar es Salaam and developing the Mozi House project.

Further, it is planned to release the New Souvenir 5 and the New Souvenir 6.

ORCID: orcid.org/0000−0002−9080−9035