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CENTER of OPEN EDUCATION and the Russian Language teaching
About us
The centre of open education and Russian language teaching is a project of St. Petersburg University, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and Tanzanian non-commercial company TASACI. It is aiming to improve relationship and communication between Russian and Tanzanian people.
Our classes
Our classes use modern communicative method of teaching with a lot of communicative tasks such as role-plays etc. After completing the course, you will be to speak Russian.
Our events
We give free Russian lessons in groups for all ages, we give master classes and organize events with our partner Russian House in Tanzania.
Free Russian lessons
Cultural Events
Teaching teachers
Start learning Russian for free!
Absolutely free Russian course for beginners. After finishing this course you will be at A1 (elementary) level which will allow you to communicate in Russian. Besides that, you will get ...
Each student receives a coursebook which helps them to achieve A1 level and pass the final test.
You will get a certificate after successful completing the course
Russian Speaking Clubs
Students from all the groups can get together and make new friends and; also, make new friends from Russia. We are going to do different activities and games together.
About the teacher

Author of course books "Surprise", "Russian Souvenir",

"New Souvenir"

  • Irina Kataeva
    Saint Petersburg University
Contact us:
Mwai Kibaki, Kivulini Plaza (2 floor),
Centre of open education and Russian language teaching
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania