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Adjectives are words that describe nouns or pronouns. Adjectives match the gender and number of the noun or pronoun that they describe. Read about how to define the gender of nouns here.

красивый дом (beautiful house) красивая машина (beautiful car)

Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole. In the words of Jan Tschichold, "methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve, have been developed over centuries. To produce perfect books, these rules have to be brought back to life and applied."
Front matter, or preliminaries, is the first section of a book and is usually the smallest section in terms of the number of pages. Each page is counted, but no folio or page number is expressed or printed, on either display pages or blank pages.
  • красивый дом
  • большой дом
  • синий дом
  • красивая машина
  • большая машина
  • синяя машина
  • красивое окно
  • большое окно
  • синее окно
  • красивые дома
  • большие дома
  • синие дома