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More about Irina Kataeva's method
Our features
  • A harmonious combination of different methods of teaching foreign languages
    Our textbooks harmoniously combine the communicative and grammatical-translation method. We are inspired by textbooks on all other foreign languages, modern journals and methodological developments in the field of teaching foreign languages, both modern and time-tested.
  • Useful phrases and dialogues
    The main task in creating the textbooks "New Souvenir" and "Surprise" was to create textbooks that help students learn phrases that native speakers use in everyday speech. We selected the most useful phrases and dialogues that teach the students to express joy, surprise, skepticism, discontent and much more. The textbooks also offer Russian idioms and proverbs that help to better understand native speakers and the Russian mentality.
  • Grammar
    In the textbook "Surprise", the grammatical volume fully complies with the generally recognized standard and prepares students for the elementary level test. In the textbooks of the Souvenir series, grammar is minimized in order to facilitate the process of learning the Russian language.
  • Lexis
    We believe that the lexis is easier learned if it is combined with one topic such as transport, food, city, health etc. We tried to select for our students the most important  and interesting topics.
  • Main principles
    The main principles of our books are communicative principle, Основными The main principles of our textbooks are: the principle of communicative orientation, visibility, accessibility, consciousness, interconnected teaching all types of languge skills and the principle of taking into account the native language of students (English).
  • Author's design
    We are hoping that modern author's design is not only a means of visibility but also an inspiring instrument which will help students have good motivation for the Russian classes and enjoy the lessons even more.
Parallel development of all language skills
Exercises are designed to develop all the language skills
Our books provide you enough of speaking practice. There are a lot of speaking exercises in our books that provide a lot of speaking practice such as role-plays, discussions, board games etc.
Audio recording of native speakers' speech will help you to comprehend the Russian language by listening and copy the pronunciation which will help you to reduce the foreign accent.
We try to create interesting , modern and useful texts that include phrases that people use in their daily life. And what is the most important we choose texts that perfectly match with the level of students from grammatical and lexical point of view.
We do not ignore the work on developing writing skills. Students also practice writing emails and send messages.
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