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New Souvenir 3
New Souvenir 4
Surprise А1 is a Russian coursebook for beginners. The book prepares students for passing A1 level exam (elementary level). It can also be used for self-study as it includes the explanations in English, the keys for all the exercises and a lot of audios which provide you enough of listening practice and help you to get the native speaker's pronunciation.
New Souvenir 3 is a Russian course for English speakers who want to achieve B1 level (intermediate). The course consists of a student's book, workbook and a teacher's book. It also includes free audio and video materials which are free to download. It is also possible to use this book right after the "Surprise" book, as it starts easier than the standard for B1 level requires.
New Souvenir 4 is a Russian course that helps achieve B2-level (upper intermediate). The course includes a student's book, workbook and free audio materials.

In the future, the Russian Souvenir line will be continued up to C2 level after republishing the Russian Souvenir 1 and Russian Souvenir 2.
Similar words
We adore foreign languages, and we are always pleased to see how different languages share words. We also believe that similar words help ti the beginning to get used to Russian letters. This is why we are collecting similar words. For now we have the lists of similar words with the languages which listed below. If you have more words of languages to add, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to add more words to our collection.
Learn Russian online
  • Lexis
    Visual online dictionary (the most important nouns for the elementary level)
  • Grammar
    Basic rules of the Russian grammar given in the English language.